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Handle with Care, Designers Public Space, was established in 1994 by Alice Helenklaken (artistic control) and Sjoerd Hoogma (project realisation). Our team consists further of landscape architects and a technical drawer.

How do we proceed?
During the process of designing, we indulge ourselves in the historical en social structure of a space.
The starting point is that we do want to strengthen the originality of the space and to offer the individual a point to orientate. A place to make contact with and to feel at home, during a time in which cities more often do resemble each other.

During the research period and the realisation the assignment body, inhabitants and users continuously participate in the process.
In this way the design is optimally fitted in the users’ surroundings and the current events.

Other trade disciplines such as town-planners, industrial designers, glass-workshops, bronze-foundries and stone-masons contribute to the end-result.

The ultimate design span past, present and future. Tranquillity and dynamics exist next to each other; the human touch is always palpable and recognisable.

Handle with Care welcomes you,
Designers Public Space.

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If you would like some more information or you like to receive our brochure, please contact Sjoerd Hoogma of Handle with Care:

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